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While you care for your patients, we focus on your practice’s financial fitness.

Why Do You Need a Dentistry Specialized Business Partner

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Because we are well-versed in the dental industry, our key business strategists recognize where you are in your journey and are able to add immediate value to your dental practice’s health. We know the major vendors, understand the applicable cutting-edge software, state-of-the-art equipment, and macro-economic trends. Our partnership with you enhances your business strategy, operations, finance, and entrepreneurial ideas.
Patients choose your practice because of the unique dental care you provide. Expect the same level of care from your strategic business partner. Count on us to:
  • Apply good management techniques
  • Empower practice managers and employees
  • Communicate goals, objectives, and problems
  • Obtain the right data for decision making
What We Offer
We are your partner in trust, integrity, sustainability, and domain expertise.
Starting a dental practice is no small feat. Rely on professionals who have supported many businesses through the process. We deliver results rather than recommendations and are well versed in the unique requirements of the establishment of a new practice. Creating strong management processes and empowering your employees ensures that your practice thrives as consistently and thoroughly as the health of your patients.
Adding to your practice by acquiring existing locations requires addressing a unique set of clinical, financial, and regulatory issues. Our business analysts work hand-in-hand with you to consider the complete picture and guide you through the transaction lifecycle, from initial screening and viability through integration with your existing operation. We work with you to identify key drivers and risks of any new acquisition so that you are comfortable the investment is sound.
Our experienced team focuses on your desire to grow your infrastructure in a focused and comprehensive way. Deep industry knowledge allows us to target specific areas of your practice that can operate more efficiently and provide greater performance. We review your current business model and nuances of your geographic location to build solutions that position you for healthy growth, refined strategy, forecasts, and budget, and accurate measurements of future success.
As important as it is to plan for your practice establishment and growth, so is it necessary to intentionally position yourself for the timely transition out of your current career. Any valid retirement or transition plan should include professionals who know the market for your specific type of business transactions. We analyze and provide a fair estimate of your practice’s worth based on our vast experience with similar scenarios. We also work with you to define the value gap: that difference between the current worth of your business and the investment funds needed to retire and live the lifestyle you desire.

Dentists Business Strategy Advisory Services

Our team of experienced professionals guide you in identifying and managing key operational tasks essential to the health of your business.

By focusing on your growth and competitive edge, we:

Analyze the structure of your practice to understand your needs, sharing our ideas in a hands-on approach. We focus on the fundamentals of business management and work together with you to implement solutions. Your revenues are maximized through our evaluation of and advice on:

  • Growth and marketing, including designing a business growth plan with attainable goals, evaluating new services by understanding costs and benefits, and discussing whether mergers or acquisitions are warranted and advisable.
  • Treatment protocols, such as a definition of each team member’s responsibilities and role training for specific scenarios so that you know your team’s strengths and weaknesses and can make corrections when necessary.
  • Operations, as part of your goal to maximize your financial health, we will review and discuss practice specialization and allocation of resources to ensure that your goals are met efficiently and profitably.

As your strategic partner, we:

Design solutions to reduce your overall tax burden and identify tax opportunities, while offering options and advice along the way. Our services include:

  • Entity tax planning for shareholders and members, including formation, operations, financing.
  • Compensation planning, including design and administration of pension, profit sharing, and fringe benefits.
  • Transactional planning for mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures
  • Planning for LLCs, limited partnerships, and disregarded entities (Single Member LLC), including structuring allocations, distributions, capital and profit interests.

With our trademarked business information and financial platform, created specifically for dental practices like yours, we:

Deliver integrated historical and real-time data, giving you 24/7 access to key financial metrics to successfully run your business. Presented in a clear and easy-to-use dashboard, insight 360 gives you:

  • A view of your entire financial landscape and a secure roadmap for growth and prosperity.
  • Integration with your practice’s management software, in one easily accessible portal.
  • All Key Performance Indicators, instantly available, allowing you to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives by tracking practice growth
  • The presentation of data evenly across all practice stakeholders, since sharing of data in multi-owner practices is critical to enhancing market penetration and growth initiatives.
  • Data to guide your growth strategy, including practice production data, collection and expense statistics, and KPI data, all in real-time. No more struggling to make sense of performance data from multiple sources.
  • Automated data accumulation and aggregation, eliminating the need for Excel spreadsheets and resulting in greater data accuracy.

Our Xero specialists:

Convert your QuickBooks or other accounting software, or, if you are new to Xero, establish your environment. We analyze your practice’s needs, making decisions on Xero features and functions, to ensure a firm foundation for growth. We are one of the few US CPAs specialized in using Xero to run your business. We convert:

  • Real-time reports, Access from anywhere, on any device
  • State-of-the-art banking
  • Access to 300+ Add-ons that fit your practice’s workings
  • Automated banking

To find out more about Xero, contact us now or request a free 30-day trial.

Insight 360
Scalable solutions and financial services based on the unique needs of your dental practice
Whether you run a single office or manage multiple dental practice locations, Insight 360 provides key observation into both operational and financial performance indicators. As a top-level strategic tool for owners and a management barometer for practice managers, Insight 360 allows stakeholders, CPAs, and consultants access to the same information, thus guiding the practice to greater success.
Pricing Plans

  • Xero Subscription
  • Xero Training and Setup
  • Gusto Payroll Training and Setup
  • Practice Financial Statements
  • Business Tax Returns
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Annual 1099-MISC Filing
  • Monthly sales tax state filing
  • Annual Business Tax Forecasting
  • Annual Personal Tax Forecasting
  • Insight 360 dashboard
  • Business Growth Meeting
  • Strategic Planning & Advisory
  • Bookkeeping Full Service


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